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Christopher Marlowe's Famous Tragedy of the Rich Jew of Malta is a blank-verse play, first published in 1633, about Christian exploitation of Jews on Malta and the tragic end of one Jew's protest.For the historical background to Marlowe's tale, see The Jews of Malta in the Late Middle Ages, by Godfrey Wettinger.The Knights of Malta, by HJA Sire, is a recent scholarly account of the 900 year history of the nights of St John up to the present day.The story of the Knight's quarter of a millennium slide from the saviours of Europe to Napoleon's pushovers is told in Alison Hoppen's The Fortification of Malta by the Order of St. John, 1530-1798.Ernle Bradford tells the story of Malta during WWII in Siege Malta, 1940-43.The Kappillan of Malta by Nicholas Monsarrat is the story of a priest's experiences during WWII and other dramatic episodes. Monsarrat was a longtime resident of Gozo.The Battle of Malta is a memoir of WWII by the Maltese novelist Joseph Attard.

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