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The Singing Revolution by Clare Thomson traces the path of all three Baltic states towards their new independence through an account of her travels there in 1989 and 1990.Among the Russians by Colin Thubron recounts a drive through the pre-glasnost Soviet Union, including Riga. It captures the gloomy, resigned mood of the time.The Baltic States: The Years of Independence 1917-40 by Georg von Rauch and The Baltic States: Years of Dependence 1940-80 by Romualdas Misiunas and Rein Taagepera are both weighty historical tomes.Venusburg, by British novelist Anthony Powell, was published in 1932 and tells the amusing tale of an English journalist trying unsuccessfully to make his mark as a foreign correspondent amid exiled Russian aristocrats, Baltic German intellectuals and earnest local patriots. It re-creates the atmosphere of a thinly disguised 1930s Latvia, which is never actually named.Letters from Latvia by Lucy Addison is the compelling journal of a 79-year-old who, at the outbreak of WWII, refused to leave Latvia, enduring the German, then Soviet occupations.The Holocaust in Latvia 1941-1944: The Missing Center, by Andrew Ezergailis, provides an insightful and balanced account of this provocative subject and addresses the sensitive issue of Latvian participation in the Holocaust.

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