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The international airport, Findel, is 6km (4mi) east of the capital and is serviced by frequent buses. The national airline, Luxair, flies to a number of European destinations, including Amsterdam, Athens and London. Other airlines fly to Cuba, Iceland, Morocco, Russia, Tenerife and the USA. The departure tax (f120) is included in the price of tickets.

Eurail, Inter-Rail, Europass and Flexipass are valid on Luxembourg's

The major automobile routes into and out of the Grand Duchy include the A4 to Brussels and Paris, the A31 via Dudelange to France and the A48 via Trier to Germany.

The touristy MV

Getting Around

Unlike its Benelux partners, Luxembourg does not have an extensive railway system, so getting around once you leave the main north-south line can take time. The bus network, on the other hand, is thorough, and the fare system for both networks is simple, with unlimited day tickets and standard charges for set lengths of travel. Almost all railway stations have luggage storage facilities, but many bus terminals do not.

Luxembourg's road network is very good. Drivers must by law wear seatbelts, and all driving is done on the right. The price of fuel is among the cheapest in Western Europe - so much so that German and Belgian drivers are known to swing across the border to fill up. Conversely, car rental is expensive, though it may be your best bet for short stays. Be sure to ask about insurance, taxes (TVA) and unlimited kilometres.

Outside of the capital, public transportation consists mainly of taxis, which hike their fees by 25% on Sundays. Bicycle rental is an option, though it's not as popular here as in the rest of Western Europe.

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