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Getting There

Scheduled international flights arrive only at the capital, Prague, which is connected worldwide by at least two dozen international carriers, including CSA (Ceske aerolinie), the old state-run airline. Buying tickets in the republic won't save you much money, so if you're only going to the one destination, take advantage of the lower cost of a return (round-trip) ticket bought at home. Alternatively, consider arriving by train, as it's the easiest (if not the cheapest) way to get from Western Europe to the Czech Republic. There are some 18 rail crossings into the republic. By road, visitors can enter the republic at over 30 points, and the list is growing all the time.

Getting Around

Internal flights are available within the Czech Republic, with regular connections between Prague-Ostrava and Prague-Brno. Czech Railways provides clean, efficient train service to almost every part of the country, though express buses are often faster and more convenient than the train. Buses are more expensive, but, by European standards, both are cheap. Car, motorbike and bicycle are ideal ways to see the republic, and, in Prague, feet, trams and the metro are the best ways to get around.

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