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Norway has thousands of kilometers of maintained cross-country ski trails and scores of resorts with downhill ski runs, including the Holmenkollen area on the outskirts of Oslo, Geilo, Lillehammer and the surrounding Gudbrandsdalen region. If you're a summer skier, head for the glaciers near Finse, Stryn or the Jotunheimen mountains. Norway's vast wilderness areas mean you can go mountain climbing in Åndalsnes, birdwatching in the Lofoten islands of Røst and Værøy, and glacier hiking in Nigardsbreen near Sogndal. Other good hiking spots are the Jotunheimen and Rondane mountains and the Hardanger plateau. A fjord cruise is a must, especially along the breathtaking Sognefjord. Norway also has good saltwater and freshwater fishing.


The country's biggest holiday is Constitution Day (17 May), when many Norwegians take to the streets attired in traditional folk costumes. Another popular holiday is Midsummer's Eve (usually held on 23 June), which is celebrated with bonfires on the beach. The Sami people (Lapps) also hold colourful celebrations at Easter in Karasjok and Kautokeino. Festivities include reindeer races, joik (traditional chanting) and concerts.

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