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What would an internationally famous resort be without novel ways to drain your cash supplies? Foremost among Monaco's entertainment options is a flutter at the Casino. Celeb spotters will be unable to resist Monte Carlo's beach, where the swimming is lousy but the tanning and conspicuous yacht parties are world class. Those with a taste for strolling should be able to circumnavigate the country (4.5 km of borders) before lunch, taking in some beautiful gardens, touristy alleys and views of France and Italy along the way.


Monaco is a country that thrives on spectacle and glitz. The big one for the year has to be the Formula One Grand Prix, held in mid-May, when the world's best drivers hit the city streets and crossing the road becomes an extreme sport. Those who can't get enough of big, throbbing engines should also be in town in January for the Monte Carlo Motor Rally. Dedicated to showing off in all its forms, Monaco also hosts the International Circus Festival in January, the Great Magic Prize (an international prestidigitators' playoff) in March and the International Fireworks Competition (duked out in the natural amphitheatre of Monaco's harbour) in July.

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