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With a nebulous network of marked walking paths and hiking trails, Luxembourg is both a hoofer's paradise and an escapist's hell. National routes are indicated by yellow signposts, while those marked by white triangles connect the hostels. Luckily, you need only to avoid the marked trails and turn your rambling toward the Ardennes region to get away from most of the madding crowd and find (some small amount of) blissful seclusion.

More pastime than passion for most Luxembourgers, bicycling is hardly the feverish lifestyle here that it is elsewhere on the continent. Still, bikes are available for rent in the larger towns and the capital.


For a small country, Luxembourg is big on festivals. The liveliest national events are Carnival, held six weeks before Easter; B├╝rgsonndeg (Bonfire Day), the following week; and National Day, on 23 June, which is celebrated with parties and revelry akin to those on New Year's Eve, particularly in Luxembourg City. Also in the capital and definitely worth catching are Octave, a Catholic festival held from late April to early May that climaxes with a street parade headed up by the royal family; and Schueberfouer, a fortnight's worth of fair-type fun held in late August that features a cavalcade of decorated sheep joining in the streetside revelry.

East of the capital, the M├╝llerthal town of Echternach celebrates Whitsunday (the 7th Sunday after Easter) with a handkerchief pageant in honor of St Willibrord, a local boy made good, whose remains you can visit in the town's basilica. That same weekend, up in Ardennes, the town of Wiltz celebrates its yearly Broom Flower festival with parades and colourful floats. The Moselle Valley's wine festivals begin in August and run through November's 'New Wine' celebration in Wormeldange.

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