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Denmark prides itself on being a bicycle-friendly country. The country is crisscrossed with thousands of kilometers of established cycling routes, including 10 long-distance ones. The shortest of the stamina-testers runs for 100km around the perimeter of Bornholm, while the longest runs along the west coast of Jutland some 500km from the German border to Skagen. The most popular cycling tour in the Copenhagen area is the 12-kilometre ride north to Dyrehaven, much of it skirting the Øresund coast, but also darting down pleasant woodland trails.

All around the country, from the southern shores of Bornholm to the northernmost tip of Jutland, there are numerous swimming opportunities along sandy strands. Denmark also has some excellent spots for windsurfing (called 'surfing' in Danish), varying from the open sea, favoured by pros, to inland fjords and sheltered coastal inlets where calm waters are ideal for beginners. With over 7300km of coastline and hundreds of islands, Denmark offers excellent yachting possibilities. There are lots of calm-water fjords and protected seas, such as Smålandshavet (the area nestled between Zealand and Lolland), as well as the island-dotted waters south of Funen. Denmark abounds in streams and lakes, many of which are stocked with pike, perch and trout. The saltwater fishing possibilities are nearly endless; the most common saltwater fish are cod, mackerel, plaice and sea trout.


Denmark's main events are the hundred-plus music festivals which run almost nonstop, covering a broad spectrum of music that includes jazz, rock, blues, gospel, Irish, classical, country and Cajun. Beginning with Midsummer Eve bonfires in late June, some of the most popular festivals are the Roskilde Festival, northern Europe's largest rock music festival, held in late June or early July; the Midtfyns Festival in Ringe, held in early July, which features international rock, pop, world, folk and jazz musicians; the Copenhagen Jazz Festival, held for 10 days in early July, which is one of the world's major jazz festivals; the Copenhagen Summer Festival which features chamber and classical music concerts during the last week of July and the first two weeks of August; and the Tønder Festival, one of northern Europe's largest folk festivals, which is held at the end of August.

The nine-day Århus Festival, beginning on the first Saturday in September, turns that city into a stage for nonstop revelry, with music and drama performances of all sorts drawing hundreds of thousands of Danish and international visitors. The program also incorporates a Viking Festival complete with roving jesters, jousting and archery competitions, Viking-style ships, and traditional food, drink and merrymaking.

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