Thank you for downloading the Excite Email Notifier!

In a few seconds, an "Excite Email Notifier - Sign In" box will pop-up and ask you for your Excite Username and Password. If you don't see this pop-up box momentarily, it is likely behind your Web browser or other desktop windows.

Once you enter your Username and Password, you will see this icon ( ) in the bottom-right corner of your screen - next to your computer's clock. Right-click on the icon, then choose "Select Email Notifier" to select the notifiers you would like to alert you to new messages.

You also have access to our other Excite Community Tools:

Excite Private Messenger - Talk to your friends instantly, without waiting for email.

You can access these Community Tools by right-clicking the Excite icon.

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Excite Messenger Frequently Asked Questions
Excite Super Chat Frequently Asked Questions

Note: To use Excite Email Notifier your PC must be running Windows 95,
Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, or Windows XP.
For more details, see the Email Notifier FAQs.