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Learn2 Travel Alone Safely (continued)
Step 3: Secure your accommodations

By now, you've arrived safe and sound, realizing that your money pack actually made a good pillow. But whether you're staying in a five-star hotel or in a hostel, don't be fooled into letting down your guard.

  • Always lock your doors. Even if the doors lock automatically once they close, there will usually be a second lock or a chain. Use it. You can also buy door wedges for added safety.

  • Request a room on a higher floor--and one that isn't adjacent to any doors to the outside. Rooms on the lower floors are more accessible for a quick break-in.

  • If someone knocks on your door claiming to be hotel staff--but you didn't request any service--be suspicious. Use your peephole, and phone the front desk to see if anyone was sent to your room. Don't worry about keeping the person waiting. If the person is truly a staff member, he or she will understand.

  • In a taxi, always be cautious of who else is in the car before you get in. If you have a suspicious feeling about another person occupying the car, whether it's the driver or another passenger, pass the taxi up. Once you're in a taxi or rental car, always lock the door. Note: Cabbies in some countries will continue to pick up passengers along the route to your destination (and you'll all pay full fare!). Assess your surroundings each time the car stops--and don't hesitate to get out if you feel unsafe.

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Step 3: Secure your accommodations
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