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Learn2 Plan a Ski or Snowboard Vacation (continued)
Step 5: Get there

Snowstorms can delay both cars and planes. Try to plan realistically for winter travel.

Drive. If you live near enough to drive, it can be a flexible and cost-effective way to get to the mountain. You can rent a roof rack for skis or snowboards if you're bringing them from home. (If you fly and rent a vehicle at the other end, be sure to reserve one with a roof rack and chains.)

Whether the vehicle is yours or a rental, make sure it's in good condition (especially the tires). In addition to a good spare tire, jack, blankets, water, jumper cables, and antifreeze, bring a cell phone if you have one. If the vehicle doesn't have four-wheel drive, bring snow chains that fit the tires and know how to install them.

Check the forecast for weather along your route before you go, and allow time for weather-related delays. Make sure whoever drives knows how to do so in snowy and icy conditions.

Fly. Flight reservations are often part of a ski package; they can also be booked separately and arranged through your travel agent or an online travel service. However you make your arrangements, try to fly as directly as possible. The more connections in your flight, the more potential for delay.

Many flight and ski packages include ground transportation to your lodging or the resort, usually a shuttle bus. Though shuttles can be crowded during peak hours, they offer an alternative to renting a car after flying to a ski area's nearest airport.

Bus or train. Some ski areas are accessible by bus or train. Ask your travel agent or the resort if this is an option.

Finally, remember that jet lag or excessive driving can sap your energy. However you get there, make sure you're rested and ready to ski or snowboard before you hit the slopes: You'll want to be in top form for some of the best rides of your life.

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Step 2: Pick a resort
Step 3: Find and reserve accommodations
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Step 5: Get there
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