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Learn2 Find a Good Bed and Breakfast (continued)
Step 2: Do your research

Researching a bed and breakfast can be a delightful adventure. You can find out about them almost anywhere. They're listed in AAA Guidebooks, with Chambers of Commerce, and even in the Yellow Pages of the particular town where they're located. But the best sources seem to be books and websites.

Bed and breakfast books. Many bookstores and libraries have a wide variety of titles covering bed and breakfasts by region and by theme. These usually have plenty of photos and detailed information about the area and the bed and breakfasts in it. If you find a slightly older book in the library, call the inn to make sure it still offers the same amenities.

Online. There are websites for specific bed and breakfasts, and there are also websites that present a number of different ones, usually according to region, but also according to specialized amenities. You can also search by region under the heading of "lodging." To get the widest possible selection, use a variety of search engines. Just typing in the words "bed and breakfast" will provide you with dozens of sites.

If you want to refine your search, type in something like "horse bed and breakfast" or "mystery bed and breakfast." When using multiple words for a search, be sure to enclose them in quotations. After finding a bed and breakfast online, if you want more information, you can refer to a book to see if it's rated by an expert. Or you may want to call the bed and breakfast and ask further questions.

Word of mouth. Most bed and breakfast business is generated by return visits and word of mouth. If you know anyone who's stayed at one, ask for their recommendations. Specialized chat rooms at bed and breakfast websites may provide similar information. If you belong to a special club or community, ask around for bed and breakfasts that fit your particular needs or interests.

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Step 2: Do your research
Step 3: Make reservations


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