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Learn2 Find a Good Bed and Breakfast (continued)
Step 1: Understand what to expect

The basics a bed and breakfast offers are a place to sleep and breakfast for each morning you're there. Some inns also serve other meals, but this should be confirmed ahead of time. Also find out what kind of breakfast they offer--it can vary from a continental breakfast (pastry, coffee, and juice) to a cold or hot buffet to a gourmet meal.

Beyond that, bed and breakfasts can offer everything from hot tubs to horse stables to ghosts. It's even possible to stay in historic sites and relive a bit of history--or join a murder mystery weekend complete with costumes. You'll discover these options as you research, so keep your imagination and your possibilities open.

You may have special needs to keep in mind as you search, too. Perhaps you're traveling with a laptop computer to stay in touch with the office, or maybe you're traveling with a pet. You may wish to converse with your hosts in a particular language, or you may want smoking facilities. Work all these things out ahead of time so you won't be surprised when you get there. You may have chosen the bed and breakfast with the best view, but if you can't receive faxes there, it may be a disaster! Remember that while bed and breakfasts offer amenities that most hotels don't, the opposite is also true.

Take into consideration the length of time you want to stay in a bed and breakfast, as well. Some require a minimum stay of two nights. On the opposite end of the spectrum, you may want to stay for several weeks or even a month. If that's the case, you may have very specific questions to investigate to make certain you'll be comfortable for that length of time. Make sure that a long stay would work for your hosts, as well. They may already have other reservations that would interrupt it.

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Step 1: Understand what to expect
Step 2: Do your research
Step 3: Make reservations


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