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Step 6: Choose a type of cabin

The cabin you choose will largely determine the price you pay. Cabins can range from expensive suites to small rooms with no windows and barely enough room to change your clothes. On a ship, every inch counts, and cabins (even some of the expensive ones) are small--so don't expect a hotel room. To estimate size, check the brochure and do some measurements yourself. Now picture that tiny square with two beds and a bathroom squeezed in.

To pick your cabin, get a copy of the ship's deck plan and study it closely--quality research here is your key to a pleasant voyage. Here are some size and location considerations:

  • Centrally located (inside) cabins are more stable. They're also economical, and the morning light will not wake you up. If you fear seasickness or like to sleep in, this is the cabin for you.

  • Outside cabins often have a view, feel more open and can give you a chance to check the weather without leaving your room. But do some research on your view (or lack thereof) before spending the extra cash. You don't want to pay for a deluxe, upper-deck room and find out it has a view of a lifeboat.

  • If you get an outside cabin on the promenade deck, be prepared for a lot of foot traffic going by your window, as well as people looking in.

  • Only pay for a verandah if you're taking a warm-weather cruise. Check its size (they can differ but cost the same) and privacy between cabins.

  • Don't pick a room that's near common areas such as discos, casinos, or restaurants. Also stay away from cabins that are under jogging tracks, galleys, or gymnasiums. They will definitely be loud.

  • Cabins at the bow (front) are sometimes roomier and cheaper, but can be loud, especially when docking into a port (often early in the morning).

  • Cabins in the lower deck toward the aft (back) end will often have a lot of engine noise and can sometimes feel its heat.

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