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Learn2 Shop for a Cruise (continued)
Step 4: Collect brochures

Once you've developed a general idea of what you want, visit some travel agencies or Internet sites to collect brochures. Read them closely, as they can provide invaluable clues. Concentrate on the photos and details such as fine print and deck layouts, and take the flowery prose with a grain of salt. See if you can get an overall feeling for the ship itself--are the pictures mostly of food? Smiling stewards? People partying? What the brochure portrays most prominently is often the ship's proudest feature.

Check the itinerary tables and pay attention to how much time is spent in each port. If an island promising golf is on the top of your "must do" list, make sure you'll have enough time to do it--or you may be very disappointed.

Look at the deck plan closely, including dining room diagrams. How close are the tables? How many people are seated at one table? If you're looking for romance and there are no tables for two, it may not be the ship for you. The deck plan also provides clues regarding cabin size. Rely on the diagram rather than the photos of the cabins for a better idea of their size and shape. You may even notice that different cabins in the same price category are different sizes or in more desirable locations.

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Step 1: Choose a destination
Step 2: Choose a timeframe
Step 3: Decide what amenities are important
Step 4: Collect brochures
Step 5: Know your price range
Step 6: Choose a type of cabin
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