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Learn2 Secure Valuables while Traveling (continued)
Step 1: Pack light

What's the single best way to protect yourself against theft? Having nothing to steal! Of course you can't travel empty-handed, but you should do your best to travel with the absolute minimum. Here are some ways to lighten your load:

Buy traveler's checks: The most obvious first move for any traveler, traveler's checks give you access to money without incurring the risk of carrying hard currency. You will usually be charged a small sum to purchase traveler's checks, but the American Automobile Association (AAA) offer its members American Express traveler's checks at no additional cost. Note: For foreign travel, you can request the checks to be issued in foreign funds. You will most often receive a better exchange rate than you'll find at foreign banks.

Limit yourself to one or two credit cards: Before you leave home, give your wallet a thorough cleaning. Remove anything extraneous, from extra credit cards to those little scraps of paper with important phone numbers. When you travel, carry only one or two credit cards, not your entire portfolio.

Leave your jewels behind: Unless your travel plans include balls or banquets, don't bring valuable watches, jewels or other priceless trinkets. Opt for rhinestone substitutes instead.

Consider a cheap travel camera: Die-hard photographers will insist on bringing high-quality equipment when they travel--after all, it's their time to shine. But if you just want snapshots, consider getting a small, simple and inexpensive camera. Long lenses and elaborate camera bags are like bait for potential thieves.

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Step 1: Pack light
Step 2: Keep valuables on your person or in a safe
Step 3: Keep valuables out of reach
Step 4: Don't be flashy
Step 5: Blend in
Step 6: Mail home valuable purchases


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