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Learn2 Secure Valuables while Traveling
(6 steps)

Don't come home without them!

If you were a thief, wouldn't tourists be your first victims? They're often lost, distracted and confused. They frequently carry large amounts of cash. And their response time is slowed by heavy bags and weary heads. In short, they're moving targets!

Fortunately, you can significantly reduce your chances of getting robbed with a little planning and preparation. In the following steps, you'll learn how to maintain a low profile during your travels and keep valuables out of reach of wandering hands.

Before you begin

Before you forgo the safety of home, find out as much as you can about your destination. Is the crime rate high? Are there particular areas you should avoid? Most travel books provide a section on safety and security, and the U.S. Department of State provides special warnings for countries that are particularly crime-ridden at http://travel.state.gov/travel_warnings.html. Such knowledge will help you plan what to pack, and what to leave behind.

Once you arrive, ask locals about potential trouble spots. They know the lay of the land better than any guide writer or State Department official, so their input is invaluable. Sometimes tourist officials and hotelkeepers paint a picture that is rosier than reality would indicate, so it can be helpful to tap other sources for information--for example, a waiter or simply a kind stranger with whom you happen to strike up a conversation.
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Step 1: Pack light
Step 2: Keep valuables on your person or in a safe
Step 3: Keep valuables out of reach
Step 4: Don't be flashy
Step 5: Blend in
Step 6: Mail home valuable purchases

  • A neck pouch, fanny pack or special travel vest to secure valuables on your person.
  • Maps and reliable guides to your destination.
  • Traveler's checks, to avoid carrying large amounts of cash.
  • Advice from locals about what areas to avoid.


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