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Learn2 Package Fragile Items
(4 steps)

"Pack it up, I'll take it!"

Fragile items need to be packed properly or else they break. The shipper who handles your items may be doing their best, but they handle too many packages to take the kind of care that you might want them to. Additionally, many items must be packaged properly when shipped, or else the warranty becomes void. Heck, even getting Aunt Violet's best china into the car can be an adventure in itself. Here are a few pointers to insure that your cargo has the best chance of arriving intact.

Before you begin

What's on the outside of your package can be as important as what's inside. If the package is being shipped through a commercial service, find out if there are any specific requirements. For instance, many shippers will not accept a package that is wrapped in paper, or has no return address. You will not be able to talk anyone at the counter into ignoring these regulations.

  • Now there are packaging stores which sell new packing materials. They're good at providing odd-sized containers for items like bicycles and mirrors, and are generally knowledgeable about shipping regulations.

  • The best packing material is the original packing material. Especially when you buy electronic equipment, try to save the foam pieces that hold it inside the box. Carefully break down the original box, and put it all in the attic or basement.

  • It is often cheaper to ship two smaller packages, rather than one large one. Call the shipper, and find out how they set their rates. Find out if there is an extra charge for home pickup or weekend delivery (there often is).
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Step 1: Select the container
Step 2: Choose your packing materials
Step 3: Tackle the tape issue
Step 4: Put it all together

  • An appropriate box or container
  • Packing material of some sort
  • Post Office-approved packing tape, and a way to cut it


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