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Learn2 Pack for a Business Trip (continued)
Step 1: Prepare yourself

Little details, such as where you're going, how long you'll be there and whether your hotel provides shampoo can sure add up. Making a few simple phone calls before you board that plane can save you time and hassle--and help you to pack everything you'll need.

Check the weather before you go

Don't assume you won't need an umbrella in Hawaii. Never think the weather will be the way it usually is in the place you're going. It could change. You may have heard horror stories about people vacationing in Florida--in June--and it's stories like this, don't risk the chance of becoming one of those story tellers. Play it safe. Take an umbrella wherever you go for a start, unless it has never, ever rained where you're going. Always bring a sweater or sweatshirt, even if you'll be in L.A. Remember when you were at the beach when you were a little kid? Your parents probably packed old sweatshirts for you to throw on after swimming. They had the right idea. Follow in their footsteps.

Pack that leisure wear

You may argue that the entire trip is work-related, you'll have no time to yourself, so why bother packing leisure wear? But you never know when you'll find a spare hour or two--even if it's after dinner. Pack sweatpants or sweatshirts that can double as both recreational gear and sleepwear.

What if there's a hot tub/pool/exercise room in the hotel? Pack a bathing suit and lightweight exercise gear and you'll be able to indulge. Hanging out in a Jacuzzi can be more relaxing than watching TV on a fuzzy screen.

Another consideration you might have is whether you'll be in town over the weekend. If you've got conferences from Wednesday to Friday, you might want to stick around until Sunday night, and you probably won't want to wear a suit that entire time. Think ahead and you'll be able to relax when you've got the time.

Make an itinerary of everything you'll be doing

It's important to know exactly what your schedule is and anticipate the type of atmosphere you'll be in. If you'll be wandering around beaches looking at beach houses, you might want to avoid wearing a three piece suit and polished shoes, so don't pack them. If you'll be meeting extremely important people in extremely important places, it might be essential to pack that suit.

Call about the hotel goodies

Some hotels provide electric razors, hairdryers, laundering services, moisturizer and shampoo, not to mention saunas, hot tubs or exercise rooms. Knowing what will be there for you will help youdecide what you can leave back home, and what you should add to your checklist.

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Step 1: Prepare yourself
Step 2: Make a list
Step 3: Get going
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