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Learn2 Choose Appropriate Business Gifts (continued)
Step 4: Present the present

Wrap it up, stick a card on it, and send it over, right? Not exactly. Remember that in business, presentation is everything, and the business gift is no exception to the rule. When you're ready to send off your purchase, do it right:

Double-check the name spellings for personalized gifts (you can call the office manager or assistant).

If you're giving a group gift, you can address it to the person who supervises the group, or to someone who can best distribute it, like an office manager. (If the recipients work in a large company, make sure they all know and work with each other.)

If your gift is mail-ordered, confirm with the vendor that the item won't be sent with a receipt, order form, or brochure, and that it will be wrapped with the proper card.

When giving multiple gifts within the same company (or to different companies that may interact), send the same gift to all recipients, or at least gifts of equal worth.

If you're having the item shipped, don't call the recipient to check if it arrived. Rather, confirm it with the shipping (or gift) company.

If you personally deliver the gift, keep your presentation low-key and don't force the recipient to open it in your presence.

Don't forget possible cultural differences for international clients. In certain countries (like Japan and China), even the wrong-colored wrapping paper can be a major faux pas.
But with the right preparation, the color of your wrapping paper (and the gift inside it) will be just right--the perfect item to commemorate the business occasion.

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