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Learn2 Choose Office Furniture (continued)
Step 3: Choose a vendor and make the purchase

Once you have a clear sense of what you want, it's time to go shopping. As with any major purchase, it's a good idea to shop around before making a final decision. Compare prices and products to find a good deal. Who says you can only do that for your dining room set?

Furniture dealers. Get at least one estimate from a local furniture dealer. (They're usually listed in the phone book.) Not only can they help you with assessing your needs, but they can also offer different solutions. Furniture dealers can help you decide whether to rent or buy furniture, show you furniture lines that can be easily expanded in the future, and refer you to stores where you'll get the best deals.

Office supply stores. You're almost sure to get a good deal at office supply stores that carry furniture. Realize, however, that you may not have as much of a selection. But if you're working by yourself out of a home or small office, they might be all you need.

Catalog and online stores. Definitely peruse these options as well, but make sure furniture that looks good is also functional before purchasing. In addition, make sure the items you select are under warranty and sold satisfaction guaranteed--and verify that they'll pick up the tab on any return shipping that may be necessary.

Once you've chosen a vendor, make the purchase and set up your office! Remember that getting and updating furniture can be an ongoing process, so keep a furniture file somewhere in that shiny new file cabinet. Then, when it comes time to expand or change your business, you can sit back in your comfy executive chair, sift through your options, and follow the steps of this 2torial once more.

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Step 1: Assess your business
Step 2: Consider what you already own
Step 3: Choose a vendor and make the purchase