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Learn2 Hire Employees (continued)
Step 7: Narrow your choices

Out of the interviews, you'll want to select your top choices for the position and rank them. Even if one candidate completely stands out as the obvious choice, it's best to take a few steps back and put a little more time into the decision.

Qualifications. Although your main concern is which applicant has the best skills for the position, remember that an ideal candidate will balance out in all qualifications, from related experience and interests, to goals and personality. You might not want to hire someone with incredible technical skills but an abrasive personality, but on the other hand, charm is no substitute for experience. You have to decide on the best overall fit for the job.

Interest. When analyzing the interviews, consider not just how the candidates answered your questions, but what questions they asked. How excited were they about working at your business? Beware of those candidates whose only concerns were salary, benefits and vacation time.

Fit. If you have other employees, think about how the candidate will fit in with them. Consider what makes the current business culture work (or what it needs to get better) and how your employees make up the personality of your business, then factor the candidate into the equation.

Once you've narrowed it down, it's time for the final check.

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Step 1: Assess your needs
Step 2: Write a job description
Step 3: Advertise the position
Step 4: Review the applications
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Step 6: Interview candidates
Step 7: Narrow your choices
Step 8: Check references