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Learn2 Hire Employees (continued)
Step 1: Assess your needs

Before you jump into the wide world of staffing, take a step back and ask yourself a few key questions regarding your hiring needs:

Do you really need to hire someone? The answer might be obvious, but it also might be a simple case of needing better business organization. Check over your work methods first to see if anything can be tightened up.

Can you afford an employee? You'll need to estimate how much new business a new employee will bring in (as well as the new business created from the extra time on your hands), and factor that against the cost of paying for the employee's salary and benefits, plus any time you'd need for training the person. Remember, you'll have to pay at least minimum wage, in addition to providing legally mandated employee benefits. If the math works out in your favor, then you're in good shape. If not, you may want to look into other alternatives.

How many employees do you need? If the work is more than one person can handle, break down your business into all the various jobs required to keep it running. Consider the broader needs you have, present and future, such as sales, marketing, operations, and so on. You'll want to hire people whose skills match these areas.

For a smaller business, your hires may perform multiple tasks in different areas. To figure out who will go where, take your job list and cross out tasks you and any current employees can take care of (be realistic), then write down a rough estimate of how long the remaining jobs take per week. Add up the total hours and divide by 40. This should give you the rough estimate of how many employees you'll need to hire, if each person works 40 hours a week (but don't forget, you can also hire part-timers).

Divvy up the various tasks into 40-hour (or less for part-time) blocks, keeping the related tasks together. The assignments you make won't be set in stone--they'll just give you a more defined idea of what you need, so you can move on to listing the jobs and finding the right applicants

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Step 1: Assess your needs
Step 2: Write a job description
Step 3: Advertise the position
Step 4: Review the applications
Step 5: Develop interview questions
Step 6: Interview candidates
Step 7: Narrow your choices
Step 8: Check references