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Learn2 Plan a Company Picnic (continued)
Step 7: Entertain the troops

Most of the planning is complete and now you can really start to have some fun scheduling the day. Start by making a list of your chosen activities and assign an approximate time for each to start. At larger events, you may have several games occurring simultaneously. Nevertheless, a list can give you an idea of how much fun you can fit into one day.

It's a good idea to provide this schedule to employees along with a map of the picnic area. These can go in the invitation and on the website, but also hand a printed copy to employees as they arrive at the picnic. Amusement parks can provide show schedules and maps.

Typical picnics focus on sports or games, but appropriate music can really enhance a good time, too. Either plan to bring a portable CD player and batteries or consider inviting employees or local talent to play during the picnic. If several employees are in different bands, they could organize a battle of the bands. You could also invite local school choirs, bands, or marching bands to perform.

For non-musical entertainment, local dance or karate schools will sometimes bring their students out for demonstrations or exhibitions free of charge. Keep all entertainment phone numbers and contact names in the appropriate section of your notebook. Confirm with each performer or group one week prior to the picnic.

Does anyone on your staff have special talents like flower arranging, cake decorating, or mask making? Ask them to give demonstrations and offer to pay for extra supplies so others can try their hand at it.

On the day of the picnic, don't forget to bring heavy paper and clipboards for team sign up sheets. And don't forget to publicly thank all who helped bring it about. You'll also still need your notebook. It will help you stay focused and organized, and if anything changes at the last minute, having it nearby will be key. Using these guidelines, you can host an impressive day of outdoor fun in a safe environment--just what the boss ordered.

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Step 7: Entertain the troops