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Learn2 Plan a Company Picnic (continued)
Step 6: Send the invitations

Once you've decided on the food, location, date, and some of the activities, you can invite the staff. Handing out invitations with a paycheck ensures that each employee receives one.

Deliver invitations 45 to 60 days prior to the picnic. This allows time for employees to save up for any offset costs and make arrangements to attend. The invitations should include:

The word "picnic" and theme (if applicable)

Time and date


Who's invited (family, friends)

Cost (if any) and whom to make checks out to (don't forget to include parking costs and to give a payment deadline)

Cost for any guests not in employee's immediate family

What to bring (potluck dish, blankets, games, baked goods for contests, swimsuits)

Deadlines for response (if different than payment deadline)

What will be served (ask vegetarians or anyone on a special diet to contact you directly)

Announce the raffle and what some of the major prizes will be (and whether it's for everyone or employees only)

A separate reply card with spaces for employee name, identification number (if applicable), and names of all guests
Periodic updates can sometimes encourage reluctant employees to attend. Post flyers around the office or send occasional emails to let people know of activities or raffle prizes that have been added. If you like, you can create a simple website where employees can RSVP, sign up for organized games, indicate special food needs, and list any game equipment they'll bring.

As reply cards come in, keep a tally of how many are coming and send park entrance tickets or confirmations, raffle tickets, parking information, and any last minute information to each person who responds.

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Step 1: Get organized
Step 2: Set up your budget
Step 3: Consider a raffle
Step 4: Choose a location
Step 5: Plan the menu
Step 6: Send the invitations
Step 7: Entertain the troops