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Learn2 Plan a Company Picnic (continued)
Step 1: Get organized

The first step, and the key to a successful picnic, is to get organized. Whether your company has six employees or 6,000, a notebook can keep you on track.

Divide it into sections labeled Budget, Raffle Items and Party Favors, Location, Food and Beverages, Invitations, Activities and Entertainment, and Other. It's now your picnic planning guidebook. Insert information you collect (such as brochures, estimates, and receipts) into the appropriate sections and log any money spent (see Step 2). Sealable plastic slips (also called sheet protectors) come in handy for storing brochures and smaller items (like receipts) in one location.

If you have help or if each department in the company is going to focus on one duty, divide the jobs by the tabs you created, giving one or two to each group of helpers.

Give each group a detailed explanation of their responsibilities in writing. Spell out their duties, goals, and budget, but allow some freedom for their own creativity and ideas.

Assign a leader to each group.

Check in with leaders often to find out about their groups' progress and any problems they're having, or simply to remind everyone what's to be done next.
As coordinator, you'll be overseeing each group. Therefore, you can see where one group may be able to help another.

Note: You can substitute a large box for the binder and keep it organized by taping manila files or sheet protectors to its inside walls. Inside you can collect party favors and the like.

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Step 1: Get organized
Step 2: Set up your budget
Step 3: Consider a raffle
Step 4: Choose a location
Step 5: Plan the menu
Step 6: Send the invitations
Step 7: Entertain the troops