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Learn2 Install and Remove Snow Chains
(7 steps)

Slip sliiiidin' away...

Somewhere along the road the slush turns to good honest snow-pack, and you're glad for the heavy little box that's been sitting in your trunk for lo these many months. You'll also be glad to have a good pair of gloves with you, because bare flesh on freezing metal is not a happy combination. Fortunately, just a few minutes out in the cold will soon put you on your way again, this time safely. Besides, who wants to pay someone 50 bucks just to put on a pair of snow chains?

Before you begin

You'll need six to ten feet of clearance in either the front or the rear of your car. This will give you the space to maneuver your car onto the chains. If you're out on the road, find a level, straight stretch over on the shoulder. Be sure that oncoming motorists will be able to see you and your car in plenty of time to stay out of your way.

If your car is still in the driveway (lucky you) pack down or shovel the snow so that your car can easily roll straight for six to ten feet.

Important Note: Protect your hands and toes! Make sure your parking brake is set before working around your tires. We've received word from an emergency worker that crushed fingers and feet are not an uncommon result of applying snow chains--due to cars unexpectedly rolling a few inches at the wrong moment. As an extra precaution, you also might consider placing blocks under the downhill side of a couple of tires.
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Step 1: Pull out the chains
Step 2: Lay 'em on the line
Step 3: Drive-up
Step 4: Hook 'em up
Step 5: Clip them down
Step 6: Start out slow...
Step 7: Remove the chains

  • A set of snow chains sized to fit your car tires
  • A pair of gloves that'll keep your hands dry, but your fingers fairly flexible. Expect them to get dirty.
  • Adequate clothing for the task: you'll want to stay warm, but you'll also want the flexibility to crouch down around your tires.


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