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Learn2 Wax a Car
(5 steps)

Shine on you crazy Datsun

Owning a car isn't always the carefree experience most of us would like. Regular oil changes, fluid in the cooling system, and a little something in the gas tank are only some of the things a car needs. A good wax job is another.

Air pollution, sun, and rain can slowly deteriorate your car's surface and can severely damage it unless you provide some protection. Waxing your car a few times a year keeps everything nice and shiny, maintains the resale value, and just might extend the car's life.

Before you begin

You'll know it's time to wax your car when the finish looks dull or when water doesn't "bead" on the surface. If you don't notice either of these characteristics, just be sure to wax at least twice per year.

When you do wax your car, the more time and effort you put in, the better it's going to look. If all you want to do is maintain a good finish, an all-in-one wax/polish combo will work fine. But if you're looking for superior shine and protection, or need to make an older surface look terrific, you should consider using separate waxing products (see Step 1 for options).

Always wax your car in the shade, or out of direct sunlight. Bright sun is bad for the raw wax, and besides, who wants to work on a car in the blazing sun? Most products recommend dampening a terry cloth with water before starting, but read the directions to make sure. Always wash and dry your car well before you wax it so you don't grind anything into the surface.

Note: If you plan to use a wax/polish combo, you can skip Step 4, since you'll only be making one application.
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Step 1: Choose your products
Step 2: Apply the polish
Step 3: Remove the residue
Step 4: Apply the wax
Step 5: Buff it all down

  • Wax (or a wax/polish combo)
  • Several clean terry cloths
  • Clean water
  • Polish (unless you use a wax/polish combo)


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