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Learn2 Lease a Car (continued)
Step 4: Understand end-of-lease charges

Basically, anything your lease agent agrees to, GET IN WRITING. Be sure to note the following items:

  • Any excess mileage charges (above about 12-15,000 miles/year) upon returning the vehicle. Ten cents a mile for a middle-priced car and fifteen cents a mile for a more expensive car ($15,000-$30, 000) is reasonable. That means for 1,000 miles above normal per year, you'll pay 100 or 150 dollars extra each year.
  • Wear and tear charges: Leases often charge for mechanical damage, but make sure these are reasonable. Try to include a clause in the contract that will allow a third-party appraisal of any damages.
  • Ask if you would be charged if you decide to return the car instead of buying it at the lease's end.

Liability after casualty loss coverage: Also called gap coverage, this covers the amount your insurance company would not cover in case of damage or theft of the car. If this isn't included in your current policy, it should cost at the most an additional two hundred dollars.


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Step 1: Know the language
Step 2: Assess the costs
Step 3: Contract according to your needs
Step 4: Understand end-of-lease charges


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