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Learn2 Replace a Car Battery (continued)
Step 2: Remove the battery

Once you have the new battery, it's time to remove the old one. Make sure your car is turned off, then scrub the top of the old battery with the baking soda/water mixture and the brush. This will cut down on the possibility of acid problems.

With your wrench, loosen the bolt that holds the negative (-) cable clamp (connected to the negative terminal) and slide the cable clamp off the terminal. Remove the positive (+) cable the same way.

Note: If your cables are unmarked, you may want to mark them as positive and negative before removal to help you remember which is which. Connecting cables incorrectly can damage or destroy the car's entire electric system.

Next, unscrew the bracket or clamp that holds the battery in the battery tray. You can sometimes do this with your fingers. If not, use your wrench.

Get a good grip on the battery and remove it from the car. Remember, it's heavy. Once the battery is out, clean the terminal clamps and the battery tray with the baking soda solution (wait for these areas to dry before replacing the battery). However, if the clamps and tray are severely corroded, you'll want to have them replaced by a mechanic.

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Step 1: Check the battery
Step 2: Remove the battery
Step 3: Replace the battery


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