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Learn2 Sell Your Used Car (continued)
Step 4: Advertise it

First of all, put up a "For Sale" sign in your car's window with your phone number, especially if you're not in a great hurry. People who call will have already seen the car and still be interested, saving one possible step for the showing. When placing an ad in the classified section of your local paper, run a Friday-Sunday ad if the rate is high, as weekends are the peak buying period. In the ad, note the vehicle's type and year, condition, body style, price, and your phone number. Give a time to reach you in order to save time and missed opportunities. Here are some good items to mark--and their abbreviations:

  • The number of doors (4dr)
  • The number of cylinders (4cyl)
  • Power features (Pwr win)
  • Mileage (45k)

The last can save you many sprints to the phone, since that's the first question most callers ask. But don't abbrv. 2 mch. because it's 2 diff. 2 rd. It may not be such a bad idea to cap desirables such as "1ST OWNER," "RELIABLE" or "CLEAN."

Make sure and be honest about any statements you make. Also, it may be worth your while to mention big problems with the car in the ad; this will save time and wasted calls. Be sure to list your price. Otherwise, serious buyers will assume a high price and skip your ad and bargain hunters will call looking for a steal.

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Step 4: Advertise it
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