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Learn2 Prepare for Winter Driving (continued)
Step 1: Prepare your car

Any problems you're having with your car in warm weather can potentially become more troublesome in cold weather. To ensure that you don't end up broken-down on the side of the road on a cold, snowy day, have your car serviced before the onset of bad weather. Here are some items to check:

  • Windshield wipers. Are your wipers in good working order? If not, get new ones. If you'll be driving in a snowy region, ask your mechanic about winter wipers, which have rubber coverings that prevent ice from collecting on the blade.

  • Windshield washer fluid. On a snowy and messy day, you'll need to keep your windshield clear of mud and sand that can kick up in heavy traffic. If you'll be driving in a cold region, ask your local auto supply store about washer fluids that resist freezing.

  • Cooling system. Antifreeze should be mixed in a ratio of 50 percent coolant to 50 percent water. You can check this yourself by buying a special device at an auto parts store, or most gas station attendants should be able to check it for you in a few minutes.

  • Battery. Before winter, have your mechanic check the battery, charging system, and belts. If you're parking your car in a cold environment, don't let the battery sit idle for too long. At least once a day, start the car and let it run for roughly ten minutes to keep the battery charged.

  • Defroster. Have your mechanic check that both your front and rear window defrosters are in full working order. To check it yourself, simply turn it on and see if it's blowing warm air.

  • Oil: Replace your existing oil with winter grade oil.

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Step 1: Prepare your car
Step 2: Store basic supplies
Step 3: Get a grip
Step 4: Avoid hydroplaning
Step 5: Think about braking and skidding


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