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Learn2 Prepare for Winter Driving
(5 steps)

Don't go slip slidin' away

It's the morning after a winter storm and all the windows of your car are blocked by layers of snow and ice. But you have to get to work, so you reach into your wallet, find a credit card, and use it as a small shovel. To make matters worse, your defroster is doing nothing to combat the condensation on the inside of your windshield. As you pull onto the freeway, you alternate between cleaning the windows with a tissue, playing with the radio to find a traffic and weather report, and trying not to skid on the slick roadway.

Winter driving doesn't have to turn into a scene from a disaster movie. Perhaps the best advice on a menacing winter day is just to stay home. But if you absolutely have to get somewhere, you can make the journey smoother and safer by knowing what you're getting into--and by preparing your car in advance.

Before you begin

Paying attention to local radio and television traffic and weather reports is a good way to inform yourself of conditions. They may report icy roads, congested freeways due to inclement weather, poor visibility on certain roadways, and a host of other warnings. In some areas, there may be traffic and weather telephone hotlines. You can find them in the yellow pages or by calling information for the area in which you'll be driving.
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Step 1: Prepare your car
Step 2: Store basic supplies
Step 3: Get a grip
Step 4: Avoid hydroplaning
Step 5: Think about braking and skidding

  • The right tires
  • Warm gloves
  • An ice scraper
  • A snow brush
  • A flashlight


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