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Avoid Tourist Traps
Tourist traps are meant to attract vast numbers of visitors and relieve them of excess cash. We'll help you recognize--and avoid--disappointing vacation destinations.
Be a Gracious Houseguest
Thoughtfulness and tact are essential ingredients of hospitality, for both those who give it and those who receive it. You should be aware of the principles that govern host/guest relations so you can take active steps toward a smooth and pleasant sojourn.
Combat Jet Lag
As people fly more and more for business and pleasure, circadian dischronism (otherwise known as jet lag) is becoming something of an epidemic. If you follow our guidelines, you'll find yourself happier, less shell-shocked, and more productive when you reach your final destination.
Find a Good Bed and Breakfast
Staying in a bed and breakfast for a weekend can be like getting away for a week. That's because they've put the hospitality back into the hospitality industry. We'll explain what kinds of amenities you can expect, and how to find the perfect one for you.
Fold a Map
Folding a map properly lets you access the necessary part of the map easily, and also lets you fold away unnecessary parts which might otherwise distract you. This is particularly useful when reading a map outside in high winds (outdoors enthusiasts take note).
Pack for a Business Trip
Reluctant to meet another client with shampoo stains all over your suit? Or maybe you've experienced the "Oh no" syndrome of business travel--the sudden realization that some essential item is resting comfortably, 3,000 miles away, near your kitchen sink--too many times. On top of jet lag, sketchy hotel rooms and the thought of 20 meetings in three days, you don't want to worry about where your socks are!
Package Fragile Items
Fragile items need to be packed properly or else they break. The shipper who handles your items may be doing their best, but they handle too many packages to take the kind of care that you might want them to. Heck, even getting Aunt Violet's best china into the car can be an adventure in itself. Here are a few pointers to ensure that your cargo has the best chance of arriving intact.
Plan a Ski or Snowboard Vacation
Skiing and snowboarding can be addictive from the first time you try them: Beginners tend to master the basics fast, and from then on, it's sheer exhilaration. We'll introduce you to the components of a ski or snowboard trip and help you fit them together for maximum fun and minimum fuss.
Prepare for a Camping Trip
If you've never camped before, you may feel you need to buy a lot of stuff and learn a lot of new skills to get started. That's really not true. We'll help you learn to prepare now so you can enjoy yourself later.
Read a U.S. Road Map
Dogs use their keen sense of smell, birds track Earth's magnetic fields, and we take a map and stare at it with blind panic. If you're feeling a little lost, we'll help you find your way.
Secure Valuables while Traveling
You can significantly reduce your chances of getting robbed with a little planning and preparation. Learn how to maintain a low profile during your travels and keep valuables out of reach of wandering hands.
Shop for Bargain Airfares
The savvy consumer can make an end-run around the airlines' fickle pricing policies. From consolidators to courier flights, from email sales to online ticketing, we've laid out all your options. If you learn when and where to look for tickets, you might just find yourself flying high at half the cost.
Shop for a Cruise
Sometimes a trip is more enjoyable when someone else takes the wheel. And when it comes to taking a cruise, not only is the wheel taken care of, but so is everything else. We'll fill you in on everything you need to hit the high seas with ease.
Shop for a Hotel Room
Need a place to lay your travel-weary head? Find a hotel room the smart way. We'll teach you how to shop for bargains, broaden your choices, and avoid surprises.
Travel Alone Safely
Are you plagued with nightmares from previous group traveling experiences, yet afraid to set out solo? We'll explain what it takes to travel alone safely--from choosing a destination to returning home.
Understand How Airplanes Work
How can a 100-ton hunk of metal fly through the air as if it were weightless? Discover the nuts-and-bolts principles that make the miracle of flight possible.

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