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Change Your Oil
Yes folks, forty bucks buys a whole lot of cornflakes. That's one of the major reasons why so many people change their own oil. There's a small initial investment for supplies, but you'll make that back the first time you do it yourself.
Change a Flat Tire
Be it blowout or slow leak, a flat tire means an annoyance at best, a dangerous situation at worst.You'll cut down on the hassles (and the risks), by studying the procedure in this 2torial.
Check Out a Used Car
Buying a used car can be exciting. It can also be a gut-wrenching experience if you don't know what to look for. A smooth-talking salesman can easily gloss over the effects of an accident or irreparable damage. This doesn't mean drop it all and opt for a high-interest lease: private-party buying is still the most affordable option.
Deal with a Fender Bender
You're pulling out of a parking space, and suddenly--thud--another driver bumps the side of your car. Before you let it put a damper on your day, take these measures to deal with the situation.
Drive a Stick Shift
Driving a stick shift is sort of like riding a bicycle--only time and practice stand between confusion and second nature. We can't provide the car, but here's the info you'll need to get in gear. Caution:This 2torial is intended to be supplemented by instruction from a knowledgeable driver. Do not drive unsupervised until you have been tested by a competent adult (if you can find one). Also, know that there may be some additional wear and tear on the clutch during the learning process.
Flush a Car Radiator
Most people ensure that their vehicles have clean oil and good brakes. Few ever think about the cooling system, at least not until something goes wrong with it. Yet a car's engine generates enough heat to destroy itself. The cooling system protects against damage, keeping the engine operating within the correct temperature range. The radiator is a major part of that cooling system, and it needs a flushing (a deep internal cleaning) at least once every two years.
Improve Your Gas Mileage
Let's face it... along with a thinner waist, a faster modem, and greater tranquillity, everybody wants better gas mileage. This 2torial shows you how to avoid being a too-frequent visitor to the pumps.
Install and Remove Snow Chains
If you have to slog through the snowy winter season, why not slog through it safely? Snow chains give you more control on snowy roads. You'll learn how to get them on in this 2torial. It takes a little effort, but it's less effort than pulling your car out of a ditch!
Jump-Start a Car
A dead battery doesn't have to mean a dead car. Follow this straightforward 2torial and you'll be able to deal with this challenge of jumpstarting a car quickly and safely, whenever the need arises.
Lease a Car
With the average cost of a new car hovering around $20,000, many people are searching for purchase alternatives--but lease contracts can be both misleading and mind-boggling. Start your research with this 2torial and you'll be on the road to a smart lease agreement.
Parallel Park Your Car
If parallel parking wasn't on your driving test (whew!), it's likely that from time to time you find yourself backing up repeatedly against the curb, and/or wishing you had a giant shoehorn. So pull over a moment, catch your breath, and learn these simple steps.
Prepare for Winter Driving
Unless you're living on a tropical island, odds are you'll be in a car this winter during a snowy, rainy, foggy, or cold day. We'll help prepare you for the storm so you'll get home safe and sound.
Repair Scratches and Rust Spots
One tiny scratch on your vehicle can lead to a little rust, which can lead to a lot of rust, which can lead to having to buy a new car! To stop this vicious cycle, you need a watchful eye and a few simple skills.
Replace a Car Battery
There comes a time in every car battery's life when the old pep is long gone and jumper cables just won't cut it anymore. If it's time for you to say good-bye, follow these steps, from removal to replacement, to give your car a new source of juice.
Sell Your Used Car
There's a bit more to selling a car than just putting a flyer up on the nearest telephone pole: once you've taken the time to establish your car's price, it's time to prep it for the market. You can get hundreds of dollars more for your car, just by investing a little time and energy--and by reading this 2torial.
Shop for Car Insurance
Want peace of mind when your car's in pieces? Driving is risky business, and a couple tons of metal can do a lot of damage. This 2torial explores the most prevalent types of car insurance policies available today--and explains the steps you can take to get the most coverage for the lowest cost.
Understand Tire Care
Tires are, well...tires. It's tough to get as excited about them as, for instance, an all-expenses paid trip around the world. All the same, if you and your friends or loved ones will be driving around on them, there's some routine maintenance that you should do or have done. The tires will last longer, the vehicle will ride more smoothly and quietly, and the trip will be safer for your passengers and other vehicles on the road. Follow the guidelines and your tires will sing hymns of praise and gratitude to you.
Wax a Car
The wear and tear your car receives isn't only from the road. Air pollution, sun, and rain can slowly deteriorate your car's surface (and even cause severe body damage) unless you provide some protection. Waxing a few times a year keeps everything nice and shiny, and it just might extend your car's life.

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