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What is a Eurail pass? How do I buy one?
If you will be traveling through several European countries over a period of 15 days to three months, a Eurail pass may save you a lot of money. Detailed information on what's available and what might be best for you is available through many travel agents.

1. A Eurail pass allows you unlimited first-class train fare throughout 17 participating European countries. They're available for periods of 15 or 21 consecutive days, or one, two, or three consecutive months.

2. Additional discounts may apply if you are traveling in a group, if you are under 26 (you will be traveling second class), or if you limit the number of countries you visit. Children under 12 travel for half the adult fare; children under four travel for free.

3. If you are limiting your travel mainly to one or two countries, consider buying a national train pass instead.

4. You must buy your pass before you leave the U.S.: most travel agents can sell them to you, or you can order them online through a variety of vendors.

5. You must start using your pass between three and six months from the date of purchase. The time limit on the ticket begins with your first use.

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