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Should I take any extra precautions during holiday travel?
Because airports and bus and train terminals are busier, people are carrying more items, and the weather is less predictable during the holidays, you should keep a few tips in mind:

1. Send your presents ahead of time. You probably won't be able to carry extra luggage, due to the number of passengers traveling at this time of year. Also, if an airline loses your luggage due to crowded flights, you could miss out on distributing your presents Christmas morning.

2. Call to make sure your flight isn't cancelled. Call two weeks before you leave, and then 24 hours before. You don't usually have to do this for domestic flights, but holidays are the time to take every precaution.

3. Arrive early and check in early. You'll have to deal with extra traffic on the roads, at airports, and in trains and bus stations. Remember that airlines often overbook their flights and always bump the passengers who check in the latest. This reason alone should have you checking in bright and early.

4. Arrange plenty of time between connecting flights. It will be a zoo out there.

5. Be careful of your luggage at all times, even on the baggage carousel. When your luggage comes into sight on the carousel, follow it around and keep an eye on it until you can pick it up. Thefts can be more common during the holidays.

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