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What's the best thing to do if I get bumped from a flight?
Rebook your flight as quickly as possible. Try calling the airline's toll-free reservation number. This will probably be faster than waiting at a crowded airport ticket counter.

If you're bumped involuntarily, you have the right to ask for denied boarding compensation, which is based on the price of your ticket and the length of the delay. This payment should be made to you on the spot. An airline is also required to provide you with a written explanation of its procedures for bumping people when a flight is overbooked.

If you give up your seat voluntarily, make sure you know the conditions of any free tickets, mileage or upgrades you receive as compensation. Will you be confirmed on the next flight, or will you be seated on a standby basis? Does the free ticket have an expiration or blackout date? Do the extra miles have an expiration date attached? How long before the departure date will you be able to book your free tickets?

Ask for as many perks as possible. Typical amenities include phone calls and meals. If your new flight isn't until the next day, be sure to secure a hotel room and transportation between the hotel and the airport.

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