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How do I survive without a car?
If you're tired of sitting in traffic, need a break from the financial responsibilities of owning a car, or just want to experience another slice of life, you may want to consider public transportation.

Inside most local yellow pages, usually within the first few pages, are phone numbers for local transit agencies, and detailed maps of bus and train routes. To obtain a schedule, call the appropriate transit agency.

If you're taking a bus or train, and you have to be somewhere at a certain time, you might want to get started a little early, in case there are any delays with the public transportation system.

Since some public buses and train systems require exact change when buying a ticket, you might want to determine the price of your journey before you begin, and plan accordingly.

In some areas with heavy traffic congestion, there are options for ride shares, where you can carpool to certain destinations in somebody else's car. Contact your local Chamber of Commerce to determine if such a system exists in your community.

If you grow tired of public transportation, and long for a car, you can take a break from the bus and train and take a taxi.

Remember Important Tasks Before Traveling
Choose a Frequent Flyer Program
Declare Produce When Entering the U.S.
Pack Toiletries for Air Travel
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