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Can I change wiper blades myself? How often should I change them?
Yes, you can change your wiper blades quickly and inexpensively. On the average, wiper blades need to be replaced every six to 12 months. You can test whether your wiper blades need to be changed by using your windshield washers. If the blades chatter, squeak, streak, or miss whole parts of your windshield while wiping away washer fluid, you need new wipers.

Properly functioning windshield wipers are crucial for good visibility during driving in bad weather. You can replace either the rubber blade or the entire blade assembly. Both are available at automotive parts stores. Refilling just the rubber blade is cheaper and will be sufficient in most cases.

When you buy either refills or blade assemblies, make sure they are the same length and claw width as the originals. Blades that are too long will hang up on things, and blades that are too short won't fit properly.

1. Lift the wiper blades into their upright position, at right angles away from the windshield.
2. To replace the blade assembly, you may need to use the adapter that came with the new assembly to fit it on the arms of your windshield wiper. If that's the case, read the manufacturer's directions. The old assembly will pull off the arm when you press a release button or pin on the wiper holder.
3. To replace the rubber only, release the old rubber by squeezing the locking tags at the end of the blade.
4. Slip the rubber out of its holder.
5. Slide the replacement rubber onto the holder and lock it with the locking tags at the end of the blade.
6. Replace the windshield wipers into their functioning position against the windshield.

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