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What should I know about warranties when shopping for a car?
Anyone shopping for a car should know the warranty coverage of the vehicle they're considering before making a purchase. Unfortunately, most people just leave the warranty book in the glove box until there's a problem with the car--but then it might be too late. Be sure to find out the coverage before you buy.

The most important things to understand in a warranty are what's covered and for how long, and your responsibilities as the car owner. For coverage, you should know that some warranties have separate mileage and time requirements for certain parts of the vehicle.
The vehicle may have a "bumper to bumper" or full warranty for one time period, while the powertrain of the vehicle may be covered longer and the rust-through protection may extend even further

Your responsibility usually comes down to regularly scheduled maintenance. Failure to complete fluid and filter changes in a timely manner (or failure to keep the records saying you did) can void the warranty. Be sure to review your auto's care manual and complete the manufacturer's suggested maintenance in a timely manner.

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