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West Africa
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Tatale - plantain cake

Foofoo - mashed yam and plantain pudding

Joloff rice - spicy chicken and rice

Calaloo - seafood, vegetable and rice dish, perhaps a precurser to jambalaya

Bangku - cornmeal dumplings

Efo - Nigerian spinach soup

Groundnut Stew - peanut stew with chicken (peanuts are called groundnuts)

Kelewele - deep-fried, seasoned plantain slices

Ata - Nigerian word for "hot" also name of a sauce

Yassa au poulet - West African chicken marinated in lemon, chiles and garlic

West Africa Factoid:
"Gumbo" in the US refers to a type of stew with okra as a main ingredient. Interestingly, it comes from the West African word "gombo" which means okra, a plant native to Africa and which arrived on US shores because of the slave trade.

West Africa
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West African recipes:
Jollof Rice
Palava Sauce
Shitor Din (Jerk Pork with Chilli Sambal)
West African Kebabs (Kyinkyinga)
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