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Those traveling long distances by car or bus in Turkey are immediately impressed at the great diversity in the landscape. Within a few hours, one experiences verdant farmlands, forests and arid plains; and mountain ranges appear and disappear with remarkable regularity. In this land of contrasting environments, it is not surprising to find many regional culinary variations.

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Turkish recipes:
from Kate's Global Kitchen
A Turkish Roast-Turkey
More Turkish recipes:
Ali Nazik Kebabi (eggplant puree)
Ezme Salatasi (spicy tomato salad)
Irmikli Hurma Tatlisi (semolina dessert cookies)
Kabak Kalye (zucchini with ground meat)
Kisir (bulgur salad)
Muhammara (an appetizer)
Sirkeli Patlican (eggplant with vinegar)
Sultan Sarma (tenderloin)
Zetinyagli Yaprak Dolmasi (stuffed vine leaves)
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