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North African Culinary Paradise

Tunisia land of Arab and French influences, perched on the African continent's Mediterranean coast. It bears a long and varied history: birthplace of the Carthaginian Empire, fallen to the Romans, invaded many times by the Arabs, and later a French protectorate. Each culture left its stamp, producing a nation of complex religions, heritage and of course, foods.

Join us on the Tunisian Riviera, with its freshest of fish, aromatic lamb with rosemary, savory couscous stews redolent with exotic spices, a gift of the Arabs. It's North Africa's culinary paradise.

What to Eat
Traditional Tunisian Dishes
Tunisian Fish Dishes
Tunisian recipes:
Harisa (Hot Chili Paste)
Maraqat al-Safarjal (Sweet Ragout of Quince and Lamb)
Slata Tunisia (Mixed salad)
Vegetable Cous Cous
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