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South Africa
Four Corners Cuisine

East meets West... and South... and North. That's how the cuisine of South Africa can be described. Where Indian curries meet British meat pies and Dutch cookies meet Indonesian chutney. Culinary contrasts that mirror the geography, culture, and history of this vast land. Come discover the mix that makes South African cuisine!

South Africa
What to Eat
Menu Guide
South African recipes:
Bobotie (Beef Pie)
Cape Kidgeree (Fish and Rice)
Dried Fruit Chutney
Green Bean Bredie (Lamb and Green Bean Stew)
Green Bean Salad
Green Mango Atjar (Green Mangoes preserved in Spiced Oil)
Green Mealie Bread (Corn Bread)
Hoender Pastei (Boer Chicken Pie)
Klappertert (Coconut Pie)
Mealie Soup (Corn Soup)
Raisin Tart with Sour-Cream Sauce
Rock Lobster Soup
Rock Lobster Tail Salad
Soetkoekies (Spice and Wine Cookies)
Sosaties (Grilled Marinated Meat with Apricots)
Tomato Salad
Yellow Melon Muscadel (Melon Salad)
Yellow Rice
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