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The cuisine of India can hardly be done justice in a few paragraphs. Distinct cooking styles exist as a result of differences in India's vast geography, climate, and culture.

India's area covers approximately 1/3 the size of the United States! The cuisines from countries that border India are vastly different as well: China, Pakistan, and Nepal to name a few.

Join us on this fascinating culinary tour...

What to Eat
Menu Guide
Indian recipes:
from Kate's Global Kitchen
Easy, Exotic Indian Buffet for Eight
Spicy Chaat & a Cuppa Chai
The Dal Call: Indian Comfort Food
More Indian recipes:
Bean Salad
Chick Pea Pancakes
Chicken Curry
Creamed Curried Spinach with Cheese
Creamy Curried Beans
Cucumber Salad
Curried Potatoes and Peas
Curry Powder
Fresh Mango Chutney
Grilled Skewered Lamb
Indian Cheese
Saffron Rice
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