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The Cradle of Culinary History?

France is internationally recognized for its exceptional cuisine and famous chefs. But France did not earn this recognition overnight.

Food historians credit the ancient Romans for initially bringing cooking to the level of an art form. But the pre-Renaissance food of France was heavy and highly spiced. Ironically, it was Italian-born Catherine de Medici, whose arrival in France in 1533 was pivotal in the development of France's culinary arts. De Medici and her cooking staff introduced delicacies previously unknown to the French, as well as strict etiquette policies. Her presence in France not only elevated the civilized dining experience, but also influenced the future of French cuisine.

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French recipes:
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Foie Gras in France
More French recipes:
Baked Sole in White Wine Sauce (Sole Bretonne)
Baked Tomatoes (Tomates a la Provencale)
Beef Stew (Pot au Feu)
Caramel Custard (Creme Caramel)
Cheese Puffs (Gougeres)
Chocolate Mousse
Cream of Lettuce Soup (Potage Creme de Laitue)
Egg and Bacon Tart (Quiche Lorraine)
Mushroom Salad (Champignons en Salade)
Peas (Petits Pois)
Potato Bake (Gratin Dauphinois)
Southern Chicken with Olives (Poulet Nicoise)
Veal Chops with Apple Brandy Sauce (Cotes de Veau au Calvados)
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