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The Finnish diet combines traditional country fare and upper class cuisine with modern continental style cooking. Spices have been adopted from both East and West. Finland the country of thousands of lakes, endless forests, long winters and light summer nights lies between Sweden and Russia. Come along with us and find out more about the culinary delights of this warm and friendly country.

Information provided by the Finnish Tourist Board and the Finnish Food Industries Federation, from an article by Anna-Maija Tanttu, written for the Department of Press and Culture of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. Copyright 1994-2000, Anna-Maija Tanttu.

The Gastronomy of Finland
Bread: A Firm Favorite
Finnish Banquets
Finnish recipes:
Graavilohi (Freshly-salted salmon)
Kaalikaaryleet (Cabbage Rolls)
Karjalanpiirakat (Karelian Rice Pasties)
Mustikkapiirakka (Blueberry pie)
Pulla (Coffee Bread Ring)
Raparperikiisseli (Rhubarb Pudding)
Taytetty Hauki (Stuffed Pike)
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