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Adobo: A basic seasoning mix used in Spanish-based dishes.

Annato: Also called achiote - small red seeds used for flavor and bright yellow color.

Arroz con Pollo: Chicken and rice - a Spanish specialty.

Black Bean Soup or Sopa de Frijol Negro: Thick, black bean soup served over rice that is a specialty of Cuba.

Cabrito: Young goat, used in Jamaica's Kid Curry.

Callaloo: Both a vegetable (greens similar to spinach) and the name of a soup made with callaloo.

Casabe: Bread made with cassava, dates back to the Arawaks.

Cassareep: Juice from the cassava root used for seasoning.

Chorizo: Spicy Spanish sausage usually made from pork.

Coconut Shrimp: Appetizer of deep-fried shrimp with light coconut sauce.

Conch: Spiral-shaped edible mollusk used in appetizers, salads, and stews.

Coo-Coo: Dense cornmeal bread, sometimes cooked with okra or flavored with coconut.

Coconuts: Hard, round fruits of the palm tree - flesh and milk used for desserts, sauces, and drinks - some traditional dishes use coconut oil for deep frying.

En Escabeche: Pickled.

Flan: Egg custard that can also be made with fruits, pumpkin, or coconut cream.

Hearts of Palm: Tender, inner leaves of the palmetto (palm) tree.

Jerk Pork: Signature Jamaican dish - pork seasoned with chilies, herbs, and spices.

Langouste or langosta: Lobster.

Pepper pot: Classic Caribbean stew made with meat and sometimes vegetables.

Picadillo: Pork cubes cooked with peppers, raisins, and olives in a spicy sauce.

Plantain: Like a banana but starchier, and used more like a vegetable - as it ripens, it turns from green to yellow to brown.

Salt fish: Dried preserved codfish.

Sofrito: A spicy vegetable mixture used to season other dishes.

Stamp and Go: Deep-fried codfish patties named after nautical command.

Yuca: Also known as cassava or manioc - a long potato-like tuber with starchy flesh used to make tapioca, or ground and made into bread.

The Caribbean
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