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The Mayas' Garden of Eden

Belize is part of Central America's Yucatan Peninsula in a region known as "Mundo Maya" cradle of the Mayan people for 3000 years. From 1862 to its independence in 1973, Belize was known as British Honduras. Its tropical forests, coastal reefs and inland waterways have inspired many to call it a Caribbean Garden of Eden.

Many of the crops now produced by U.S. farmers were introduced by the indigenous people of Mesoamerica, including corn, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, squash, pumpkin, and avocados. Many other agricultural products favored by Americans are also native to the area: papaya, cotton, tobacco, rubber, vanilla, and turkey. But there is even more natural flora and fauna of Belize that contributes to the local island-like cuisine.

In the following section, Chicki Mallan offers us a culinary guide from her Belize Handbook, from Moon Publications, Inc. ($15.95).

For more information on Moon Publications, visit their website at http://www.moon.com. Email: travel@moon.com. Call 800-345-5473 to order any of the Moon Travel Handbooks.

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